We offer inbound and outbound telesales services, performed by highly skilled and qualified employees with in-depth knowledge and excellent language proficiency.


Telemarketing uses different strategies to make sales, the main being cold calling. Making live calls to leads or existing customers is an essential task for many businesses. Telemarketing needs professional management, updated systems and excellent agents, we have it all.

Leads Generation

In order for a sales team to continuously close sales, there must be a steady influx of quality leads. Call center lead generation services can make a difference in a sales team’s ability to convert more prospects into clients.

PSS specific department (like e-commerce) to an external service provider can be an excellent way to provider amazing sales, without breaking a business.

Our operators are native speakers. PSS local human capital resources provide with the possibility to recruit multilingual personnel.

Easy to integration,
because we have powerful technical base.

Per our Clients’ request, we are able to source highly qualified personnel with academic and work experience, that includes industries, such as E-Commerce, IT, Finance, Collection, Pharmaceutical, etc.

We can quickly analyze your situation and introduce you to experienced, cost-effective telemarketing agents.

Whether your office is prone to bad weather, power outages and natural disasters, contracting with PSS to handle calls can be an effective way to ensure business continuity.


European languages


Sales techniques


Complete phone sales


Active operators


Happy business partners

For what industries our services are suitable?

contact center

Prime Sales Solutions is able to cope with large volume multilingual workloads, at scales that augment a competitive advantage for our clients. We are committed to performing at the highest level and conduct ourselves in the most ethical manner, which ensures that support operations are transparent to all stakeholders. Our services are conducted in the following languages: Romanian, Lithuanian, Italian, Portuguese, German, Croatian, Chezh, Polish, Greek, Slovakian, Spanish, Hungarian, Estonian and other.

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Career in Prime Sales Solutions

PSS is more than just an acronym for the company name. It also stands for Seriously Awesome Staff! We take pride in our business. We work diligently to be the best contact center service, and we work just as hard to be a fantastic employer. Come join our winning team!

Call-center career is a group effort. If you enjoy being part of a team, then PSS is the place for you. There is never a dull moment at SAS. Our careers offer the kind of supportive, collaborative environment that makes your job not feel like work. Sales agents operate side by side with our technical, financial, sales, and management divisions. If being part of a pack sounds more appealing than being a lone wolf, you would be a great fit for our family of employees.

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